Undergraduate Student Awards
and Scholarships

Presented by the Geography Department

Departmental Citation

The Departmental Citation is awarded to one student each year in recognition of exceptional undergraduate work across all realms of geographical inquiry.

2011 Jessica Pizzagoni
2010 Sara Malik
2009 Ryan Edwards
2008 Jennifer Ayuko Hirst
2007 Veronique Halcyona Powell
2006 Joen Madonna
2005 Sebastian Petty
2004 Erin Hansen Reding
2003 Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh
2002 Sanaz Memarsadeghi
2001 Marjorie Elizabeth Hamm
2000 Adrine Aida Arakelian
1999 Ryan Galt
1998 Gundars Valdis Augusts
1997 Dianne Elizabeth Meredith
1996 Kathleen Marie Mikulis
1995 Matthew George Jalbert
1994 Richard Louis Worthington
1993 Lamont Comstock Allen
1992 Austin Hill Shaw
1991 Robert Travis
1990 Kim Musser
1989 Romy Lee Bauer
1988 Timothy John Sturgeon
1987 Steven John Rypins
1986 Richard Allen Griggs
1985 David Lee Aagesen
1984 Kim Charnofsky
1983 Stanley Francis Stevens
1982 Gerald Francis Smith
1981 Robert Thomas Argenbright
1980 Ronald I. Dorn, Sally Lorraine Horn
1979 Jonathan Louis Golin
1978 Anne Curtis Browne
1977 Kim Riley Normoyle
1976 Alan Beaumont Porter
1975 Mary Anne Adamson
1974 Margaret Knight Riddall
1973 Julie Odenweller
1972 G. Donald Bain, David N. Cole
1971 Richard William Carter
1970 Alan William Ritch
1969 Sharon Louise Vannucci
1968 Diana Carolyn Ice
1967 Mary Louise Yost
1965 Marsha June Bratten
1964 William A. Bowen

Oberlander Award

The Lucille McClish Oberlander Award was established in 1989 in memory of Lucille McClish Oberlander in order to create an annual award for the outstanding undergrad major in physical geography. Lucille was the wife of geomorphologist Prof Ted Oberlander (who retired from our dept in 1993). Mrs. Oberlander was a former secretary in our Dept from about 1960 to 1963 and she was also an undergraduate major in our department, graduating in 1958.

2011 Justin Laundre
2010 Maxwell Cutty
2009 Dylan Glover
2008 Kevin Louis Kahn
2007 Catherine Morley Strom
2006 Daylin Wade
2005 Tyler Montgomery
2004 Kieran Leigh Casey
2003 Cherry Vee Gacusan Zamora
2002 Nicholas Seong Chul Buchanan
2001 not awarded
2000 not awarded
1999 Landis Bennett
1998 Victoria Marie Zaldua
1997 David Andrew Rose
1996 Francis James Smith
1995 Jacob Henry Schweitzer
1994 Richard Louis Worthington

Cartography Award

The Departmental Cartography Award is presented annually to the undergraduate student who best employs cartographic practice and principles to their geography education.

2011 Emma Tome
2010 Sherrie "Syd" Wayman
2009 Kathleen Maloney Koscielak
2008 Aaron Taylor Lui
2007 Jennifer M. Sta. Ines
2006 Joshua Borkowski
2005 Michael Arribage
2004 Jesusa Magsaysay Romero
2003 Chadwick Mauritz Johnson
2002 Timothy Beck Savage, Jr.
2001 Kelly Aileen Dickeson
2000 Molly Meghan Endejan Green
1999 Darin Jensen
1998 Victoria Marie Zaldua
1997 Jenna Morvren Loyd
1996 Jennifer Freeman
1995 Rini Y. Keagy

Department Chair's Award

Description pending

2007 Agata Surma
2004 April Ruth Peck
2002 Chad A. Gallagher

BUGs Outstanding Service Award

The Berkeley Undergraduate Geographers (BUGs) Service Award is given to the BUGs member who demonstrates a commitment through service to this undergraduate student group.

2011 Jessica Pizzagoni
2010 Sherrie "Syd" Wayman
2009 Jane Renahan, Jenny Cooper
2008 Laurel Lemontt
2007 Mai Nguyen
2006 Lindsey Rebecca Capps
2005 Lindsey Rebecca Capps
2004 Daniel McChesney-Young
2003 Sarah Syed, Marcy Protteau
2002 Nicholas Seong Chul Buchanan

James J. Parsons Scholarship
for Field Research

The James J. Parsons Scholarship for Field Research in Geography provides support for Berkeley Geography majors with good academic standing who have undertaken or plan to undertake field research in geography. Research topics could range from studying social and geographical changes in the inner-city to the physical geography of landslides or desert landscapes.

2011 Julia Anderson
2010 Keith Brown, Sara Malik
2009 Jeremy Blackman
2008 Jenny Cooper
2007 Rachel Hestrin
2006 Christina Hawkins
2005 Aaron Arthur
2004 Tyler Phelps
2003 Sudhir Vadaketh
2002 Kristine Silveira

David A. Rose Scholarship
in Physical Geography

The David A. Rose Scholarship in Physical Geography was established in memory of David Andrew Rose who received his Bachelor's Degree in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley in 1997. He graduated at the top of his class and received the prestigious Oberlander Award in Physical Geography. He was undergoing training in New Delhi for Tele Atlas when he died in a tragic accident in Agra, India. This scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate students in the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley. Recipients are selected from among the undergraduate students in the Department of Geography who are in good standing and demonstrate academic merit. Preference is given to students whose course of study focuses on physical geography and/or cartography.

2011 Emma Tome
2010 Maxwell Cutty
2009 Ryan Edwards
2008 Kevin Kahn
2007 Mai Nguyen
2006 Jessica Rorem
2005 Andrew Friedman

Undergraduate Student Awards
and Scholarships

Presented by UC Berkeley Offices

Haas Scholars

The Robert & Colleen Haas Scholars Program at the University of California, Berkeley funds financial aid eligible, academically talented undergraduates to engage in a sustained research, field-study or creative project in the summer before and during their senior year at Berkeley. Each year, twenty Haas Scholars are selected from all disciplines and departments across the University on the basis of the merit and originality of their project proposals.

2011 Jessica Pizzagoni
2007 Joshua Belton, Agata Surma, Miriam Solis
2006 Mary Gardner, Joen Madonna

Summer Undergraduate
Research Fellowship

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF) is designed to allow Berkeley undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science to spend the summer doing concentrated research in preparation for a senior thesis or another major capstone research project.

2010 Emma Tome
2009 Eyal Mazor
2008 Jenny Cooper
2007 Devin Burnett Beaulieu

Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding GSI

The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award gives campus-wide recognition to excellence in teaching by Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs). Criteria for the award include: Overall effectiveness in teaching; command of the subject area; and ability to motivate students

2011 Rachel Brahinsky, Diana Negrin
2010 Sarah Knuth, Dyuti Sengupta
2009 John Lindenbaum, Seth Lunine
2008 Andrew Bliss, Sandra Brown
2007 Trevor Paglen, Liam Reidy
2006 Cary Karacas, Christopher Niedt
2005 Susan Hicks, Daniel Schmidt
2004 Jennifer Casolo, David Wahl
2003 Aaron Bobrow-Strain, Rebecca Dolhinow
2002 Maria Elena Conserva, Peter Schweikhardt
2001 Jeanette Howard, Nari Rhee
2000 M. Katheryn Davis, James A. Wanket
1999 Robert Acker, Tegan Churcher

GSA Outstanding Service Award

The Graduate Student Assembly Award: Description pending

2011 Jon Markle
2010 Sarah Knuth
2009 Mary Whelan, Greta Marchesi
2008 Alexander Tarr
2007 Katy Guimond
2006 John Lindenbaum
2005 Jason Strange
2004 Elizabeth Watson
2003 Rebecca Lave, Madeline Solomon
2002 Christopher William Niedt, Roger Young Hwan Kim

Miscellaneous Awards

The Geography Department occasionally awards honors for special service or achievement.

2009 Bruce Page - Volunteerism
2006 Kazemde George - Special Achievement

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