Geography 200B: Contemporary Geographic Thought

Geography 200B
CCN: 36545
(4 units)
Michael Watts
Location: 575 McCone Hall
Times: Th 2-5

Three hours of seminar per week. The class has several goals. One is to give students a sound basis upon which to judge arguments. To do that, they must be able to detect various kinds of biases—some of which are inevitable and fairly innocuous, others more blatant and grotesque; they must be able to see how evidence is used and misused; and they must understand the use and abuse of theory. A second goal is to help students see, think, and write geographically—that is, to adopt, or intensify, a geographical point of view. One might think of this as learning how to interpret our physical and human landscapes, and being able to “see what one writes.” A third goal is to introduce students to the tremendous range of geographical inquiry and what is probably the major strength of geography as a form of thought: to wit, making links across space, among peoples, and between humans and the earth. Sequence begins in the Fall.

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