Geography 143: Global Change Biochemistry

Geography 143
CCN: 36350
(3 units)
Robert Rhew
Location: 575 McCone
Times: MW 12:30-2

Three hours lecture per week.  The field of biogeochemistry offers an interdisciplinary approach to modern global environmental issues, such as climate change feedback effects, stratospheric ozone loss, oxidation capacity of the atmosphere, land use change, and marine ecosystem health. Earth is a complex system where the transformation and flow of chemicals and energy within and between biomes have ramifications for life on this planet. The overall theme of this course will be to explore the imprint of the biota (including humans) on the chemistry of the ocean, land and atmosphere. This course will explore the biogeochemical cycles of terrestrial, freshwater and marine biomes. In addition, the global cycles of environmentally important elements and gases will be explored.