Geography 257: Topics in Climatology

Geography 257
CCN: 36649
(4 units)
John Chiang
Location: 575 McCone
Times: Tu 9-12

The topic of this graduate seminar will be on the climate dynamics of Western US hydroclimate.  We will cover classic and recent papers that investigate this problem on a range of timescales from paleoclimate (quaternary to last millennia) through 20th century and future.  The focus will be on understanding the fundamental large-scale climate dynamics, modern and paleoclimate observations, and future projections.  Depending on the interest of the participants (and time permitting) we may cover some papers related to hydrology and regional impacts.

The seminar is primarily aimed for graduate students with research interest in this topic.  Advanced undergraduates with background in atmospheric/climate dynamics interested to enroll are required to seek permission from instructor (