Financial support for new and continuing graduate students

The Department of Geography strives to support every student admitted to the program, within the constraints of available resources. Support typically includes some work as a teaching assistant or research assistant and some fellowship stipend to allow students time for their own work.

Students with the most successful academic records are nominated for, and generally receive, multi-year university fellowships of stipends plus tuition for two years. Combined with department support in the form of teaching or research assistantships and stipends for two more years, these provide four years of support, with a fifth year of stipend for advancing to candidacy within normative time.

Other students are typically offered at least one semester of teaching assistantship and one semester of full or partial stipend for the first three years, with a fourth year of stipend for advancing to candidacy within normative time.

In later years, the department and dissertation advisors support students in applying for any national grants for which they are eligible. Over the last ten years, our students have been awarded an average of around $100,000 a year in extramural funding. In addition, we have enough teaching assistantships for advanced students to bridge gaps in fellowship support.

If you have children, you are eligible for various forms of aid from the Graduate Division – above and beyond any Department support. One of the most important is a “Parent Grant” which provides up to $8,000 of additional stipend per academic year for child support. There is also subsidized Family Student Housing and Day Care. For more information and deadlines see,

Other Graduate Division resources, including Childbirth Accommodation Funding, and guides to local resources may be found at,"

See also Fellowships for Geographers.

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