Fall 2017 Colloquium Schedule
Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall, 3:30-5:00pm (unless otherwise noted)

September 13
Iain Boal
The Geography of Sacrifice (Episode 2): Alice Stewart, the Cold War Injuriat, and Thinking Like a State

September 20
Anna Michalak, Stanford & Carnegie Institute
Moving from water quantity to quality: Exploring climate impacts on eutrophication

September 27
No Colloquium

October 4
Bettina Ng’weno, University of California, Davis
Growing Old in a New City: Time, the Post-Colony and Making Nairobi Home

October 12 (Thursday)
Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center, Hearst Field Annex
Katherine McKittrick, Queen’s University, Ontario
Footnotes/Books and Papers Scattered About the Floor
This talk is in conjunction with the Black Geographies Symposium

October 18
Franck Billé, University of California, Berkeley
Somatic States: On Cartography, Geobodies, Bodily Integrity

October 25
Robert Rhew, Mary Power, Todd Dawson, Eileen Lacey, George Roderick & David Ackerly, University of California, Berkeley
Field Research and Discovery at the UC Berkeley Natural Reserves

November 1
Marcus Hunter, University of California, Los Angeles
Chocolate Cities: The Black Map of American Life

November 8
William Boos, University of California, Berkeley
Mechanisms and trends of extreme rainfall in Earth’s most populous regions

November 15
Noelle Stout, New York University
Dispossessed: How Predatory Bureaucracy Foreclosed on the American Middle Class

November 29
Marc Matera, University of California, Santa Cruz
Decolonization and the African Grounds of Race Relations in Britain

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