Who to Contact

The department of Geography at the university of california, berkeley

505 McCone Hall #4740
Berkeley, CA 94720-4740
phone: 510-642-3903
fax: 510-642-3370

Managerial questions

Josh Mandel, Department Manager (MSO)
510-643-8226 | jsmandel@berkeley.edu

Student Affairs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Marjorie Ensor, Student Academic Advisor
510-642-3904 | ensor@berkeley.edu

Bobby Ewing, Student Academic Advisor
510-664-7698 | rewing@berkeley.edu

Collections, equipment, ACCESS, SAFETY AND building matters

Dan Plumlee, Equipment and Collections Manager / Building Coordinator
510-642-4368 | dplum@berkeley.edu

Computer matters

Eron Budi, Computing Facilities Manager
510-643-8341 | eronbudi@berkeley.edu


Alicia Cowart, Staff Cartographer