Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Phone Office location Hours Email

Regular Faculty

Roger Byrne
Associate Professor
510 642-3903 109 McCone Hall arbyrne@berkeley.edu
Jeffrey Q. Chambers
Associate Professor
John Chiang
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor
547 McCone Hall jchiang@atmos.berkeley.edu
Kurt Cuffey
Professor and Martin Distinguished Chair in Ocean, Earth and Climate Science
510 643-1641 525 McCone Hall kcuffey@berkeley.edu
Paul Groth
Professor (Geography and Architecture)
510 642-3903 597 McCone Hall pgroth@berkeley.edu
Gillian Hart
Professor; Co-Chair of Undergraduate Major in Development Studies
510 642-3903 551 McCone Hall On Sabbatical Fall 2011 hart@berkeley.edu
You-Tien Hsing
Professor and Pamela P. Fong Family Distinguised Chair in China Studies
510 642-3903 545 McCone Hall yhsing@berkeley.edu
Darin Jensen
Continuing Lecturer and Department Cartographer
510 642-3018 515A McCone Hall Office hours: by appointment djensen@berkeley.edu
Michael Johns
Professor and Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for Human Geography
510 642-3903 509 McCone Hall johns@berkeley.edu
Jake Kosek
Associate Professor
510 642-3903 585 McCone Hall jake@berkeley.edu
Laurel Larsen
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for Physical Geography
595 McCone Hall laurel@berkeley.edu
Beatriz Manz
Professor, Geography and Ethnic Studies
510 642-3903 543 McCone Hall bmanz@berkeley.edu
Norman Miller
Adjunct Professor
591 McCone Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons nlmiller@berkeley.edu
David O’Sullivan
Associate Professor
589 McCone Hall dosullivan@berkeley.edu
Robert Rhew
Associate Professor
510 643-6984 539 McCone Hall rrhew@berkeley.edu
Nathan Sayre
Department Chair and Associate Professor
510 664-4072 599 McCone Hall nsayre@berkeley.edu
Harley Shaiken
Professor, Education and Geography
510 643-5363 5633 Tolman Hall Call 2-2088 for appointment hshaiken@berkeley.edu
Dave Wahl
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Fri 1-2 dwahl@berkeley.edu
Michael Watts
Professor, Class of 1963 Chair
510 642-3903 555 McCone Hall mwatts@berkeley.edu

Faculty Affiliates

William Dietrich
Professor (Earth & Planetary Science and Geography)
510 642-2633 313 McCone Hall bill@geomorph.berkeley.edu
Louise Fortmann
Professor (Environmental Science, Policy and Management and Geography)
510 642-7018 121 Giannini Hall fortmann@nature.berkeley.edu
Peng Gong
Professor (Environmental Science, Policy and Management and Geography)
510 642-5170 204 Mulford gong@nature.berkeley.edu
B. Lynn Ingram
Professor (Earth & Planetary Science and Geography)
510 643-1474 113 McCone Hall Wed 12:30-1:30 ingram@eps.berkeley.edu
Patrick Kirch
Professor (Anthropology and Geography)
510 643-8346 232 Kroeber Hall kirch@qal.berkeley.edu
G. Mathias Kondolf
Professor (Landscape Architecture and Geography)
510 642-2904 300 Wurster Hall kondolf@berkeley.edu
Jean Lave
Professor Emerita (Social & Cultural Studies in Education, Anthropology, ERG)
561 McCone Hall Weds 1-4 by appointment jlave@berkeley.edu
John Radke
Associate Professor (Landscape Architecture and Geography)
510 643-5995 200 Wurster Hall ratt@berkeley.edu

Visiting Professors and Lecturers

None currently


Eron Budi
Computing Facilities Manager
643-8341 515B McCone Hall eronbudi@berkeley.edu
Marjorie Ensor
Student Academic Advisor
510 642-3904 517 McCone Hall ensor@berkeley.edu
Deborah Gray
Program Assistant
510 642-3903 507 McCone Hall debgray@berkeley.edu
Darin Jensen
Continuing Lecturer and Department Cartographer
510 642-3018 515A McCone Hall djensen@berkeley.edu
Josh Mandel
Department Manager (MSO)
510 643-8226 513 McCone Hall jsmandel@berkeley.edu
Daniel Plumlee
Equipment / Collections Manager & Campus Climatologist
510 642-4368 519 McCone Hall dplum@berkeley.edu


Orman Granger
Professor Emeritus
Theodore Oberlander
Professor Emeritus
Robert Reed
Associate Professor Emeritus
David Stoddart
Professor Emeritus
Richard Walker
Professor Emeritus
510 642-3903 599 McCone Hall walker@berkeley.edu