Adam Jadhav

Graduate Student
BS, Journalism, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2008; MA, Global Environmental Policy, American University, 2013.
Political ecology, critical development theory, “peasants,” urbanization, neoliberalism, the marine/coastal commons, India, cycling



Mangroves supporting small-scale fishers in the Aghanashini River estuary, Karnataka, India


I entered the PhD program in geography in August 2016. I spend a lot of time thinking about so-called peasant fishers, coastal spaces, nature resource communities, the creation/recreation of place, neoliberalism, uneven development and the ocean. Geographically, I focus on India.

I’m also a dive geek who is semi-militant about bike riding and tree planting.


The “industrial” fishing fleet at Mangalore Harbor, Karnataka, India


I have previously been (approximately in reverse chronological order, sometimes only briefly) an NGO researcher, Indian government survey designer, book/paper editor, intern, protester, journalism lecturer, voiceover artist, scuba divemaster, international travel bum, freelance writer/photographer, political (and other) newspaper reporter, tennis instructor, market researcher, grocery stock boy, corn de-tassle-er and lawn mower.


Inside a shoal of fish in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


I also hold a master’s from American University in global environmental policy and a bachelor’s from the University of Illinois in journalism.

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