Ilaria Giglioli

PhD Candidate
MA, Geography, University of Toronto. BA, Geography, University of Oxford.
borders, cities, water, colonialism, migration

187 McCone

Research Interests

My research has developed around two main themes that seek to address the relationship between the organization of space and the production of inequality.

The first theme, which I have been working on most recently, concerns the production and reproduction of borders. My PhD research focuses on the material and discursive production of the Southern Border of Europe. Studying two-way migration between Sicily (Italy) and Tunisia from the early 1900s to present, I examine the progressive production of difference between Sicilians and Tunisians in order to understand the way in which contemporary notions of ‘civilizational divides’ between Europe and North Africa came to be. Alongside my PhD research, I have also coordinated workshops and taught classes analyzing the processes that led to the current fortification of the US/Mexico border and the fragmentation and militarization of the Palestinian Territories.

The second theme, which I worked on prior to my PhD, concerns the relationship between infrastructure development, access to natural resources and the production and reproduction of inequality. I have worked on these questions both in the context of the Palestinian West Bank, and in Sicily. In the former, I analyzed the relationship between water infrastructure development, territorial control and the creation and perpetration of difference along lines of ethnicity and citizenship. In the latter, I examined the role of water infrastructure development in the reinforcement of the island’s power structure.


Selected publications

Giglioli, I. (2012). Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism, by Stephen Graham. Berkeley Planning Journal 25(1).

Giglioli, I. (2012) Rights, Citizenship and Territory: Water Politics in the West Bank. In Farhana, S. and Loftus, A. (eds) The Right to Water: Politics, Governance and Social Struggles. Earthscan.

Giglioli, I. (2010). La costruzione della dipendenza. Acqua, territorio e cittadinanza in Cisgiordania. Conflitti Globali 7, 66-80.

Giglioli, I. and E. Swyngedouw (2008). Let’s Drink to the Great Thirst! Water and the Politics of Fractured Techno-natures in Sicily. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 32.2, 392–414.


Courses Taught as Graduate Student Instructor / Teaching assistant

Development Studies 100/ Geography 112. Development in Theory and History. University of California Berkeley. Spring 2012.

Global Studies 1/Geography 4. Globalization, regional development and the world economy. University of California Los Angeles. Fall 2014

Geography 20. Globalization. University of California Berkeley. Spring 2015.