Saalem Adera

PhD Candidate
M.S. Environmental Engineering (UC Berkeley, 2015); M.S. Environmental Science (Yale University, 2010); B.A. Economics, B.A. Foreign Affairs, Environmental Science minor (University of Virginia, 2008)
Hydrology, land-atmosphere feedbacks, rainfall recycling in Brazil, hydrologic modeling, water resources management in California, data-driven methods for analysis of complex environmental systems

565 McCone Hall

I am broadly interested in hydrology, especially in how humans are changing the water cycle and how we can manage water resources to meet the needs of both humans and ecosystems.  I am currently working on two projects.

In my first project, my research question is: how does deforestation affect rainfall recycling in Brazil?  Rainfall recycling is the process by which regional evapotranspiration affects regional rainfall; it contributes significantly to rainfall in Brazil.  However, the effects of land cover change, such as deforestation, on rainfall recycling are still uncertain.  My approach here is empirical – I am conducting a multi-scale analysis of remotely sensed and gauged data using emerging statistical methods.

In my second project, I am working with a California water utility to develop a hydrologic model for a watershed that is managed for both water supply and aquatic habitat.  The goal is for the hydrologic model to be used by water resources managers as a decision support tool.