Regular Faculty

Jeffrey Q. Chambers

Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and biogeography, tropical forests and climate change interactions, forest disturbance and recovery processes, landscape dynamics and remote sensing

Sharad Chari

Geography as history of the present and as Earth/world-writing, social theory, political economy, development, agrarian studies, labor and work, racial/sexual capitalism, Black radical tradition, biopolitical struggle, oceanic humanities, photography, South Asia, South Africa, Indian Ocean.

John Chiang

Climate dynamics, climate variability and change, paleoclimate, and applications of climate studies to society

You-tien Hsing

Political economy of development in East Asia (especially China), power and space, cultural and environmental politics, urbanization

Jake Kosek

Cultural politics of nature and difference; cultural geography, science and technology studies; critical race theory; critical cartography; biopolitics; human and the non-human; and environmental politics

Laurel Larsen

Hydroecology, landscape dynamics, complex environmental systems, environmental restoration

Jovan Scott Lewis

Economic geography, constructions and infrastructures of poverty, inequality, race (blackness), economy, and the market; the Caribbean (esp. Jamaica) and African-American communities in the USA

David O’Sullivan

Spatial statistics and analysis, GIS, simulation and modeling, geospatial technologies, urban geography

Robert Rhew

Trace gas biogeochemistry, effect of land cover on trace gas exchange, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, and atmospheric pollution

Nathan Sayre

Environmental geography; social dimensions of rangeland ecology and management; environmental history; scale; political economy; climate change; food; regional focus: southwestern US, northwestern Mexico, arid and semiarid rangelands

Harley Shaiken

Latin America, labor, information technology, the organization of work, global economic integration, trade

Dave Wahl

Biogeography; regional focus: Central America, Western US, Pacific Islands