You-tien Hsing

You-tien Hsing

Professor and Pamela P. Fong Family Distinguished Chair in China Studies
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1993
Political economy of development in East Asia (especially China), power and space, cultural and environmental politics, urbanization; regional focus: China

545 McCone Hall

My research and teaching has been focused on the political economy of development in East Asia, especially China.  I am interested in the question of power and space.  My first book, Making Captialism in China: The Taiwan Connection, focuses on the role of culture in inter-regional capital flows.  In my second book, The Great Urban Tansformation: Politics of Land and Property in China, I examine the issue of territorality.  I look at how the transformation of the state and the society shapes and is shaped by land battles in Chinese cities and villages.  My co-edited book, Reclaiming Chinese Society, looks at China’s emerging social activism in the struggles over distribution, recognition, and representation.  My current project concerns the cultural and environmental politics in Northwestern China.  For my research I draw inspiration from ethnographical work: in-depth interviews and participatory observation with a reflexive perspective.  I believe that theorizing starts from muddy realities.  It is a process of open dialogues and self-reflections, of which the historical and the geographical, the institutional and the emotional are all indispensable parts.

Selected publications

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Reclaiming Chinese Society: The New Social Activism

2009. Reclaiming Chinese Society: The New Social Activism, edited with Ching Kwan Lee. New York: Routledge Press.







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