Daniel Plumlee

Daniel Plumlee

Equipment/Collections Manager, McCone Hall Building Coordinator
B.A. Geography, University of California, Berkeley

507 McCone Hall

Office hours: 9am - 6pm

Dan serves the Department of Geography and beyond in the following roles:

Equipment Manager, Collections Manager, Key Access Controller, Department Safety Coordinator, Field Support, Department Photographer, McCone Hall Building Coordinator, Berkeley Weather Observer

Please contact Dan for the following:


– to make a reservation for the use or setup of department presentation and recording equipment, or for any questions pertaining to the use or capabilities of the equipment.

– to make arrangements for the use of department research equipment or to inquire about it’s use and capabilities or arrange for use training.

– to arrange for the use of the department vehicle.


– to gain access to the department physical or digital map collections or to request additional map resources for your classroom or research needs.

– to gain access to the department digital imagery collection or to offer up additional images for the collection.

– to gain access to the department video collection or to request the acquisition of a new video to be added to the collection.


– for keys or key card access to all Geography departmental spaces.

– to arrange for graduate student, student instructor or visiting scholar office space. Graduates students should reference the Geography First Floor Office Policy for information on how to migrate from the fifth floor offices into a first floor office.

– to report lost or stolen department keys.


– to report an injury that has occurred in the department or when participating in department sponsored/related activities.

– for questions or concerns about safety, including lab safety, in the Geography Department.

– for questions related to laboratory inspections and chemical inventories.

– for questions about campus safety regulations.


– to arrange for vehicle rental for department sponsored field classes.

– to acquire requisite forms and waivers for all participants in field classes.

– to arrange support in field classes as driver, camp head and general support for field classes.


– to make arrangements for filming of lectures or department events.

– to arrange for photos presented on department Photo Board.

– to arrange for event photos.


– to report any suspicious, criminal or unsafe behavior of individuals in McCone Hall.

– for cardiac emergency response requiring an AED (automated external defibrillator).

– for questions or concerns about Safety, Security and Emergency Response in McCone Hall.

– to report maintenance issues in McCone Hall’s public spaces and all spaces controlled by the Department of Geography.

– for requests, questions, concerns or to pass information about projects that have a building-wide impact on the occupants of McCone Hall.

WEATHER OBSERVER (National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Network)

– for access to monthly climatic data reports, including daily maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation amounts, for Berkeley, CA.

– for questions about access to past climate data for Berkeley, CA.