Eron Budi

GIS/Computing Facilities Manager
Computer & Technology, Geography, Remote Sensing & GIS

515B McCone Hall


I love cooking, making maps, and traveling.  My regular activities are spending time with my family, my wife and my two children: Michelle and Lyonnel.

“Managing computers & computer-labs, providing computer-IT support to faculty, students* and staff in the department, mentoring”

There are two computer labs: the Geography Cartography and GIS Education Lab (CAGE) & Remote Sensing 502 Lab.

And what to know more about the CAGE Lab:

It’s the Geography Department’s center for instruction of cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and is innovating mapmaking pedagogy by melding the art and practice of traditional cartography with the spatial analysis tools of GIS. The mission of the CAGE Lab is to offer a holistic approach to mapmaking, combining the conventions and sensibilities of cartography with the analytical power of GIS to make better maps. The cartography program in the Geography Department at Berkeley has a long history of a commitment to social justice work and offers the only service-learning designated course in the Geography Department.

This Spring Semester of 2018, the CAGE Lab hosts six courses: Geography 88: Data Science Applications in Geography, Geography 180: Field Methods for Physical Geography, Geography 183: Cartographic Representation, Geography 185: Earth System Remote Sensing, Geography 187: Advanced Cartographic Methods: GIS for Cartographers, and Geography 285: Topics in Earth System Remote Sensing.

Available geospatial, statistical, and analytical applications: TOPCON MAGNET OFFICE-FIELD APP, GEODA, GEO-CART, MATLAB, JMP Pro, ENVI, ARCGIS, QGIS, AVENZA MAP-PUBLISHER, ANACONDA, R & R STUDIO, and etc.

Photo images of the CAGE (535) and Remote Sensing (502) Lab:

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