Cooper Krings

1e3bb52Cooper is a senior in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Starting at Cal in fall 2010, Cooper was originally an architect before discovering geography. He was drawn to the idea of processes interacting with each other on different temporal and spatial scales.

Cooper specialized in Human and Economic Geography with a special interest in GIS and Cartography.

During the Spring 2015 Semester Cooper was an Intern in the Cartography and GIS Education Lab in McCone Hall, a guest lecturer and TA for Cartographic Representation (GEOG 187), and Managing Editing Team Member for the Intranational International Blvd. community atlas project (that launched UC Berkeley’s crowd funding initiative. Cooper also got a $5000 grant from the university for the department to install state of the art cartographic software, MAPublisher, on CAGE Lab computers and helped develop a curriculum to teach it to future students in the department.

Starting in Fall 2015 Cooper will be working at Zuora, Inc. in Foster City, CA as a Sales Development Representative but plans on continuing to stay involved with the department and Darin Jensen’s Guerrilla Cartography Team