John Garrard Stehlin

PhD, Geography, 2015
Urban Geography, Political Economy, Social Theory

561 McCone

Office hours: Wed 12-2

I received my PhD in May 2015 in Geography, with a Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies. My research combines urban geography, political economy, and critical social theory to understand contemporary processes of urban social, economic, and infrastructural change in North American cities. After graduating from Vassar College in 2004 with a degree in Political Science and Hispanic Studies, I moved to Philadelphia, where I worked as a bicycle mechanic at a shop serving a culturally and economically diverse world of cyclists at a time that the public image of cycling as a white, middle class activity was growing. My experiences there would go on to inform my dissertation, Business Cycles: Race, Gentrification & the Making of Bicycle Space in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

My new research is a comparative study of bike-sharing systems in several American cities. This is a part of a broader book project, Cycling the New Urban Frontier, on the restructuring of mobility during the current transition from suburbanization to reurbanization.

I currently live in Oakland, California, where I remain a bicycle mechanic and cyclist, as well as an occasional college radio DJ.

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