Joseph Lough


PH.D. University of Chicago, 1999

Social Theory, Critical Theory, Modern European History, post-Marxian Social Theory

673 Evans Hall

Although trained in history, most of the time I teach Economic History and Theory in the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley. My research focuses on the adequacy of economic models seeking to characterize action within mature capitalist societies. More specifically, I have two related projects running simultaneously: (1) I am looking at the relationship between the integration of the capitalist social form regionally and globally and the coordinate disintegration of social forms rendered obsolete by capitalism, and how this disintegrative outcome gives rise to specific social, cultural, political and economic formations; and (2) I am looking, more specifically, at the seam opening up from the Baltics to the Balkans, across the Mediterranean, and outward into northern Africa, western China, Pakistan and India. Showing how this disintegration is a complement to economic integration may help policy makers reflect more critically on how capitalism is introduced both nationally and regionally.