Past Colloquia

Past Colloquia

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Spring 2020 Colloquia

 Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall, 3:30-5:00pm 

Jan 29

Dan Ibarra, Miller Institute and UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley

Drivers of hot and cold past wet states recorded by lakes in the western United States

Feb 5

Paola Bachhetta, UC Berkeley Co-Formations, Co-Productions: Notes on Space, Power, and Subjects Together

Feb 12

Javier Arbona, UC Davis, Landscapes of Explosivity Landscapes of Explosivity:  San Francisco’s Parrot Block and the 1866 Nitroglycerine Explosion

Feb 19

Anna Brand, UC Berkeley

Re-Membering Claborne Avenue: Mapping the Past Toward Black Mecca Futures

Feb 26

Sarah White, Newly appointed UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

Long-term controls on the strength of El Nino

Mar 4

Vince Brown, Harvard

Tacky's Revolt and the Martial Geography of Atlantic Slavery

Mar 11

Cancelled, read more

Mar 12

Black Geographies Conference

Mar 18

Cancelled, read more

Mar 25

No colloquium, Spring Break

Apr 1

Cancelled, read more

Apr 8

Cancelled, read more

Apr 15

Cancelled, read more

Apr 22

Cancelled, read more

Fall 2019 Colloquia

Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall, 3:30-5:00pm 

Sept 18

David Bates, UC Berkeley
Spaces of decision in the cybernetic age

Sept 25

Colleen Lye, UC Berkeley

Maoism and Identity Politics

Oct 2

Diana Negrín da Silva, University of San Francisco

Decolonizing the City: An Exploration of Guadalajara’s Contested Racial Landscape

Oct 9

Cancelled, read more

Oct 16

Hillary Angelo, UC Santa Cruz

The greening imaginary: Urbanized nature and the making of cities and citizens in Germany’s Ruhr region

Oct 23

Judith Carney, UCLA
Sauer Memorial Lecture, read more
4pm, Chevron Auditorium, International House

In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa's Food Legacy in the Atlantic World

Oct 24

Melinda Cooper, The University of Sydney
Cosponsored event, read more
4pm, Barrows Hall, MATRIX/Room 820

Capitalism and the Question of Genealogy

Oct 30

Michael Polson, Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley

Equity and Erasure: Cannabis, Legalization, and the Legacies of Prohibition

Nov 6

Mark Waldrop, USGS
Microbial and Geophysical Insights into the Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon

Nov 13

Cancelled, read more

Nov 20

David Wahl, UC Berkeley

Fire on the Mountain: Paleoenvironmental Evidence of Classic Period Warfare in the Maya Lowlands

Nov 27

No colloquium, Thanksgiving

Dec 4

Ugo Nwokeji, UC Berkeley
African Global Landscapes of New Slavery

Spring 2019 Colloquium

Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall, 3:30-5:00pm


Jan 30 Gökçe Günel, University of Arizona  Spaceship in the Desert: Energy, Climate Change and Urban Design in Abu Dhabi
Feb 6 Desiree Fields, University of Sheffield Automated Landlord: Digital Technologies and Post-crisis Financial Accumulation
Feb 13 Christina Heatherton, Barnard College The Color Line and the Class Struggle: The Mexican Revolution and Convergence Spaces of Global Radicalism
Feb 20 Brandi Thompson Summers, Virginia Commonwealth University Unmaking a Chocolate City: Spatial Aesthetics of Race and the Gentrifying Urban Landscape
Feb 27 Lucia Cantero, University of San Francisco Olympic Afterlives: Global Spectacles of Race and Inequality in Rio de Janeiro

Mar 7

Leah Meisterlin, Columbia University Critical Distance and Cartographies of Difference

Mar 13

Erin McElroy, University of California, Santa Cruz Mapping Techno-Imperialism in the Bay Area and Beyond

Mar 20

Clancy Wilmott, University of Manchester Mobile Mapping: Space, Cartography, Digitalities

Apr 10

Patrick Ellis, Georgia Institute of Technology
"On the Whole": City Models, Cartography, and Aerial Vision

Apr 17

Margaret Zimmer, UC Santa Cruz

More soil, less storage: The role of the critical zone in influencing runoff across high to low relief landscapes

Apr 24

Christina M. Patricola, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Characterizing El Niño’s Diversity and its Climate Implications

May 1

Xiaoli Dong, UC Davis Spatial Self-organization in Fluvial Landscapes


Fall 2018 Colloquium

Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall, 3:30-5:00pm


Aug 29            Karla Slocum, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Sept 5             Lucia Cantero, University of San Francisco 

Sept 12            Itay Fischhendler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sept 19            Brett Story, Ryerson University

Sept 26            Richard Walker, UC Berkeley

Oct 3                Susan DeMasi, The Living New Deal

Oct 10              Sheryl-Ann Simpson, UC Davis 

Oct 17              Daniel Swain, UCLA & NCAR

Oct 24              Adrian Harpold, University of Nevada, Reno 

Oct 31              Rear Admiral Shepard Smith, Director, Office of Coast Survey, NOAA

Nov 7               Michele Koppes, University of British Columbia 

Nov 13             Earth-Writing Symposium: Lenore Manderson (Brown and Witwatersrand), Sumathi Ramaswamy (Duke), Kath Weston and Geeta Patel (Virginia), and Amita Baviskar (IEG Delhi)  

Nov 14            Katherine Verdery, CUNY 

Nov 21            No colloquium, Thanksgiving

Nov 28            Ikuko Asaka, University of Illinois