Andrew Ronald Friedman

Graduate Student
BA 2005 (Geography and Philosophy), UC Berkeley
Regional focus: Global, Mesoamerica

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My work explores some of the linkages between climate forcings, ocean and atmospheric circulation, and tropical rainfall.

I am a member of the Climate Dynamics Group with Professor John Chiang.

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Interhemispheric Temperature Asymmetry

The temperature contrast between the northern and southern hemispheres is an important factor for the location of the tropical rainbands and the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Using historical observational datasets and climate model simulations, I am working on attributing the major sources of variability in the north–south temperature difference. I am also investigating the projected changes in the north–south temperature difference under future climate scenarios and the likely impacts on tropical circulation and rainfall.


Other Projects

Climate Variability and Rainfed Agriculture in highland Oaxaca, Mexico

I am part of a collaborative study with agroecologist Paul Rogé and other researchers exploring how climate variability affects rainfed maize agriculture in the Mixteca highlands region of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Selected publications

Rogé, P., A.R. Friedman, M. Astier, and M. Altieri. “Farmer strategies for dealing with climatic variability: A case study from the Mixteca Alta Region of Oaxaca, Mexico.” In press for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, April 2014.

Friedman, A.R., Y.-T. Hwang, J.C.H. Chiang, and D.M.W. Frierson (2013): "Interhemispheric temperature asymmetry over the 20th century and in future projections." Journal of Climate, 26 (15), 5419-5433. pdf Nature Geoscience research highlight Climate Central story

Chiang, J.C.H., and A.R. Friedman (2012): "Extratropical Cooling, Interhemispheric Thermal Gradients, and Tropical Climate Change." Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 40, 383-412. pdf

Chang, C.-Y., J.C.H. Chiang, M.F. Wehner, A.R. Friedman, and R. Ruedy (2011): “Sulfate aerosol control of Tropical Atlantic climate over the 20th century.” Journal of Climate, 24, 2540-2555. pdf

Contact information

531 McCone Hall


Graduate Student Instructor: Geography 1, Global Environmental Change (Spring 2012)

Graduate Student Instructor: Geography C82, Introduction to Oceans (Fall 2010)

Graduate Student Instructor: Letters and Science 70B, Introduction to Global Warming (Spring 2007)