Teo Ballvé

Graduate Student
B.A. Anthropology/History, Colorado College, 2001; M.A. International Affairs, The New School, 2009
Regional focus: Latin America

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Selected publications

2013. "Grassroots Masquerades: Development, Paramilitaries, and Land Laundering in Colombia." Geoforum 50: 62-75.

2013 (co-authored). "Gleaning the Current Conjuncture: Notes from the 3rd Antipode Institute for the Geographies of Justice." Antipode 45(4): 779-784.

2013. "Territories of Life and Death on a Colombian Frontier." Antipode 45(1): 238-241.

2012. "Grassroots Masquerades: Development, Paramilitaries, and Land Laundering in Colombia." Second International Confernce on Global Land-Grabbing.

2012. "Everyday State Formation: Territory, Decentralization, and the Narco Land-Grab in Colombia." Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 30(4): 603-622.

2009. "The Dark Side of Plan Colombia," The Nation, June 15. About how Washington negligently subsidized paramilitary narco-traffickers with drug-war dollars to cultivate biofuel crops on stolen lands.

2006. Dispatches from Latin America: On the Frontlines Against Neoliberalism, co-edited with Vijay Prashad (Boston: South End Press, 2006; New Delhi: LeftWord, 2006).

2006. "Homies Unidos," in Youth Activism: An International Encyclopedia, Lonnie R. Sherrod, Ed. London: Greenwood Press.

All of my more journalistic writings (op-eds, feature articles, etc.) are archived on my personal website.

I also have a blog offering scattered notes and commentary on politics and geography: Territorial Masquerades.

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