Ailén Vega

PhD Student

BA Geography with Honors & Political Economy 2016, UC Berkeley (MMUF fellow) 

Research Interests: critical indigenous studies; science and technology studies; toxicity/contamination; extraction; territorial conflicts; indigenous & ribeirinho politics; Brazilian Amazon (Tapajós River Basin) 

My research and studies are supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) and the Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship (UC Berkeley). 

I'm also a member of the Working Group on Political and Historical Ecology of the Trombetas, Tapajós and Xingu Rivers at the Federal University of Western Pará (UFOPA) based in Santarém, Brazil (Grupo de Estudos de Ecologia Histórica e Política nas Bacias do Trombetas, Tapajós e Xingu). 


  • Fall 2019. Graduate Student Instructor, “Introduction to Development Studies/Global Studies”, Professor Michael Watts.