Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Saalem Adera

Hydrology, land-atmosphere feedbacks, rainfall recycling in Brazil, hydrologic modeling, water resources management in California, data-driven methods for analysis of complex environmental systems

Nick Anderman

Alexander Arroyo

Erin Beller

Research interests: landscape-scale restoration and conservation, operationalizing resilience, historical ecology, Mediterranean-climate ecosystems, history of the American West

Keith Brower Brown 

social reproduction of care and political subjectivity, particularly in the climate politics of electricity, housing, and recreation infrastructure in central California and northeastern Brazil

Phillip Campanile

The genealogy of the production of space bears a dialectical relationship to the history of its appropriation

Alex Chow

Urban economy; social movement; political ecology; community building; spirituality, subjectivity, and agency

Seth Denizen

Sherine Ebadi 

 postcolonial theory, feminist theory, critical race theory, Black geographies, diaspora, migration & displacement, Central Asia, empire, visual & participatory methods

Gabe Eckhouse

'Peak oil', political economy, global energy security

John Elrick

Yanlei Feng

Meleiza Figueroa

Urban agriculture, agroecology & agroforestry, political ecology, capitalist social relations & crises, peasant studies, food politics in marginalized communities, migration, rural-urban interconnections, informal settlements, land struggles, dynamics of urbanization in the Global South, Amazônia, North & Northeast Brazil, Latin American studies, Black Atlantic & diaspora studies, production of space

S.E. Freeman

Migration and displacement, humanitarianism, biometrics, human mobility, legacies of colonialism, ethnography, genealogy as method

Zoe Friedman-Cohen

Kaily Heitz

visual narratives through photography, representation, Black Diaspora studies, identity formation, migration & displacement, borderlands, American Western landscape, community resilience

Jane Henderson

Black geographies, environmental racism, racial formation, food justice, resistance & healing, community organizing, Midwestern cultures, Minnesota geographies

Adam Jadhav

Political ecology, critical development theory, “peasants,” urbanization, neoliberalism, the marine/coastal commons, India, cycling

Yi Jiao 

Atmospheric Chemistry

Sol Kim

Wenwen Kong

Miri Lavi-Neeman

Xander Lenc

Christopher Lesser

Environmental Geography; Critical Cartography; Historical Ecologies; Latin America

Kan Liu

Kerby Lynch

Hong-Xu Ma

Eli Marienthal

Andrea Marston

politics of small-scale tin mining (known as cooperative mining) near the city of Oruro, Bolivia

Bridget K. Martin

militarized space and urbanism in South Korea

Jeff Vance Martin

political ecology, political economy, human-wildlife conflict, evolution, ecology, dialectics

Brittany Meché

political geographies of (in)security in the 20th and 21st centuries

Rosanna Neuhausler

Meredith A. Palmer

contemporary and historic biomedical and public health practices at moments when (settler) colonial dynamics are made visible through the racialization of individuals and collectives

Will Payne

Research Interests: Urban Geography, Human Geography, Critical GIS, Science and Technology Studies, Digital Humanities, Food Studies, Gentrification, Urban Studies

Maria Pettis

Decolonial Epistemology, Black Geographies, Landscapes of Disease, Dengue, Ontological Design and Planning

David Pieper

Jesse Rodenbiker

Political Ecology, Development, Cultural Geography, Urbanization, Environmental Politics, Ethnography, Human-Nature Relations, Landscape

Annie Shattuck

Sam Stein

Coastal ecosystems, wetlands, adaptive management, biogeochemical cycling

Erin Torkelson

Social Welfare, Postcolonial Studies, Science and Technology Studies

Caroline Tracey

Land use/governance and transformation, agriculture and rangelands, and environmental history and environmental racism in arid and semi-arid environments. My main commitments lie in Front Range and Eastern/Southeastern Colorado and the Central Valley of California.

Shu-Wei Tsai

Xiaowei R. Wang

Alex Werth

Morgan M. Williams

soil change, technogenic soils, engineered ecosystems, politics of radionuclide remediation, soils as complex adaptive systems, environmental sensor networks

Elise Youn

Brittany Helena Young

Climate change and development politics; land; the future; South Africa; Ethiopia

Leonora Zoninsein