Audio/Visual Equipment

The department’s principle classroom (room 145) and the CAGE (Cartography and GIS Education) Lab (room 535) are equipped with ceiling-mounted media projectors and speaker systems. Overhead and slide projectors are stationed in all department classrooms.

Additional equipment is available upon request. To reserve Audio-visual equipment, contact Dan Plumlee:


Portable Media Projectors
Presentation Laptop or iPad
Video/Audio Equipment


Audio-visual equipment is available for use by department faculty, graduate student instructors and students in support of classes and other department sanctioned activities. All items listed above are available on a checkout basis.

Please note: most media projectors and the television are restricted to use in McCone Hall.

It is best practice to schedule equipment needs at the beginning of the semester, but providing two weeks advance notice should guarantee equipment availability.

It is important to record and monitor whole-semester standing equipment reservations. Please update reservations as your needs change to avoid scheduling conflicts or to free equipment you no longer need.

We will do our best to accommodate walk-in equipment requests, but cannot guarantee immediate access to the equipment.


Equipment reservations are best made by notifying Dan Plumlee via e-mail: Consider the reservation complete upon receipt of a confirming return message.

To reserve equipment, please supply the following information:

your name
equipment type
class title
classroom number
day, time and duration of class

The following staff can make a reservation for you: Dan Plumlee, Qiao Li, Kim Do, Eron Budi and Josh Mandel.


To pick up your equipment, contact Qiao Li, Kim Do in the front office. If the front office is closed see Dan Plumlee or one of the other staff.

If you require equipment setup or retrieval you should schedule this specifically with Dan Plumlee well in advance of the class period. A standard equipment reservation does not include this service.

All new users of digitally projected media are encouraged to schedule a debugging session with Dan Plumlee at least fifteen minutes prior to show time.

When returning equipment, make sure it is secure in its proper storage area or in the hands of department staff. If no one is available, secure the item in your office and message the staff person who issued you the equipment.