Berkeley United Geographers (BUGs)

A great way to meet current majors is to go to Berkeley United Geographers (BUGs) meetings and events. Field trips, picnics, potlucks, movie nights, and lunch time talks are some of the activities organized by BUGs. It is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in Geography. Share geography-related news and course advice, learn about events and research opportunities, and get connected with a community of Berkeley Geographers! 
BUGs Co-Presidents, Noelani and Will

BUGs 2022/23 Co-Presidents, 
Will & Noelani

BUGs members at trivia night

Trivia at Triple Rock with the GeoKnowrs

BUGs members, Emma and Sarah

Sarah and Emma investigating the secrets of Pennsylvania

BUGs picnic

Valentine's Day picnic on The Glade

BUGs members

Last meeting of the 2021/22 year

BUGs members, Nick and Char

Captians of the BUGs Hacky Sack League,
Nick and Char

BUGs members

Mingling after a GeoChat with 
Professor Sharad Chari


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