Bridget K. Martin


PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, with Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies
MA, Politics, The New School for Social Research
BA, Geology with Political Science minor, Vassar College

Research Focus
I am currently a PhD candidate in Geography at UC-Berkeley and a predoctoral fellow in the US-East Asia Grand Strategy program at University of Southern California Korean Studies Institute. My research focuses on militarism and urbanism in South Korea. I am interested in how the symbolic and material significance of the US military base system in South Korea has evolved from 1945 into the present moment. I focus mainly on the role of militarism in urban identity and urban development branding, asking how local governments and citizens incorporate, accommodate, resist, and replace US military infrastructures as a part of the urban landscape.

I am also interested in the ways in which South Korea is now widely understood to be a model–in particular a territorial model–of successful economic development. 


Martin, Bridget and Geglia, Beth (2019) "Korean Tigers in Honduras: Urban Economic Zones as Spatial Ideology in Policy in International Policy Transfer Networks", Political Geography 74. (equal authorship)

Martin, Bridget (2018) "From Camp Town to International City: US Military Base Expansion and Local Development in Pyeongtaek, South Korea", International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 42(6), pp. 967-985.

Martin, Bridget (2018) “Field Notes from South Korea: Local Development in the Land of Securitized Peace”, The California Geographer 57, pp. 1 – 17.

Martin, Bridget (2017) “Moon Jae-In’s THAAD Conundrum: South Korea’s ‘Candlelight President’ Faces Strong Citizen Opposition on Missile Defense”, Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 15(18).

Martin, Bridget (2017) Book Review: Schober, Elisabeth (2016) Base Encounters: The U.S. Armed Forces in South Korea, in Social Anthropology 25.2, 265-266.

Martin, Bridget (2017) “Sunshine Land: Where War is Actually a Game”, Korea Exposé (online).

Martin, Bridget (2015) “Selectively Connected: New Songdo and the Production of Global Space”, in Bracken, Gregory (ed.), Asian Cities: Colonial to Global, Amsterdam University Press.

Selected Awards and Fellowships
2020 US-Asia Grand Strategy Predoctoral Fellowship, Korean Studies Institute, University of Southern California
2020 UC-Berkleey Center for Korean Studies Graduate Student Fellowship
2019 UC-Berkeley Global Metropolitan Studies Research Fellowship
2018 Fulbright U.S. Student Award
2017 Korea Foundation Fellowship
2016 Kathryn Davis Peace Fellowship (advanced Korean)
2015 Social Sciences Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship
2015 UC-Berkeley Institute of International Studies Summer Fellowship
2015 FLAS Award (advanced Korean)

Courses Taught as a Graduate Student Instructor
Spring 2020: Globalization, Dept. of Geography, UC-Berkeley (Dr. Sharad Chari)
Spring 2017: Globalization, Dept. of Geography, UC-Berkeley (Dr. John Stehlin)
Spring 2016: Development in Theory and History, Dept. of Geography, UC-Berkeley (Dr. Gillian Hart)
Spring 2015: Development in Theory and History, Dept. of Geography, UC-Berkeley (Dr. Gillian Hart)
Spring 2012: U.S. Government and Politics, City University of New York (Dr. Dan DiSalvo)

Graduate Student Reader Positions
Summer 2020: Globalization, Dept. of Geography, UC-Berkeley (Dr. Sharad Chari)
Fall 2019: Cultures and Capitalism, Program in Global Studies, UC-Berkeley (Dr. Clare Talwalker)