GEOG 104, The Black City: Oakland California

Catalog Description: Since the late 1990s, Oakland has experienced considerable racial and economic restructuring. Oakland’s formerly prominent Black population has dwindled precipitously, as the city lost nearly 25% of its Black population since 2010. Cultural institutions, like churches, barbershops, blues clubs, and restaurants that once served its vast working-class population were replaced by trendy shops and hipster outlets. Students will engage the sense of loss and possibility arising in the city as they participate in a series of in-class workshops to learn various field methods. They will also work in neighborhoods with community leaders and groups to document residents’ valued places and how these places have changed over time.

Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: None


Summer: 3 weeks - 15 hours of seminar per week

Grading Basis: Letter

Final Exam Status: Alternative to final exam

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