GEOG 105, Black Geographic Thought

Catalog Description: Black Geographies considers the concept of geography to examine multiple orientations through engaging critical race, black feminist, diaspora and queer studies. The course covers approaches to the geographical categorization of blackness through two organizing frameworks. The first, the ‘black geographic,’ ‘geography’ serves as a productive analytic for examining the lived experiences, conceptual limits, and theoretical purchase of blackness through the reading of some seminal and contemporary texts by black geographers. The second, ‘geographic blackness,’ considers how blackness as a modality of analysis gives insight and shape to the discipline of geography through texts by non-geographers that engage or invoke geographic themes.

Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: None


Summer: 3 weeks - 15 hours of seminar per week

Grading Basis: Letter

Final Exam Status: Final exam required

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