GEOG 108, Geographies of Energy: The Rise and Fall of the Fossil Fuel Economy

Catalog Description: This course surveys the historical relationship between fossil fuels and the capitalist economy. Beginning with the origin of intensive fossil fuel use in the early modern world, and then moving through the industrial epochs of coal and then oil, this course asks how have fossil fuels shaped the trajectory of our modern economic world? Students will investigate the broad, structural impact these resources have had on labor relations, economic development, culture, the environment, politics, and more. Framed around the current, contested transition off of coal, oil, and gas, this course also asks what the future of fossil fuels look like. Will we disentangle ourselves from these sources of energy – what does the future hold?

Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: None


Summer: 6 weeks - 7.5 hours of lecture per week

Grading Basis: Letter

Final Exam Status: Final exam required

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