GEOG 143, Global Change Biogeochemistry

Catalog Description: How does the chemical makeup of Earth make it suitable for life? And how does life in turn alter the chemistry of our planet? Biogeochemistry is the field of science that explores the imprint of biota (including humans) on the chemistry of the ocean, land and atmosphere. This interdisciplinary field addresses global problems, including climate change feedbacks, air quality, land use change, and marine ecosystem health. We will provide an overview of the major biogeochemical cycles, discuss the biogeochemistry of major ecosystems, and introduce the major biogeochemical questions being asked today. We also cover measurement techniques, including hands-on activities to introduce students to experimental methods and data analysis.

Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: Chemistry 1A or equivalent


Fall and/or Spring: 15 weeks - 3 hours of lecture per week

Grading Basis: Letter

Final Exam Status: Final exam required

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