Flickr: The Commons


The Geography department has joined The Commons on Flickr.

Flickr – The Commons: UC Berkeley, Department of Geography

The Geography department is making our department image collections accessible on The Commons, a public archive published on the Flickr community site, in order to provide easy access by the general public. All images attributed to a common creator are free of copyright. Any collection of images from a broader source pool have “no known copyright restrictions”, meaning that the department and the university is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on any of the images.

Although we believe and state that no copyright restrictions apply to our posted content, UC Berkeley shall not be held responsible for any copyright violation perpetrated by you should you use one of the images. In the interest of protecting the rights of copyright holders, please inform us of any image that we have posted which you believe is protected by a current copyright. We will make sure to investigate and remove the image if this holds true.

We ask you to respect the following:

  • Please credit the image source, if known, with the creator’s name and the name of the collection and institution where the original is housed.
  • Please do not attribute any adaptions made to an image to the creator of the image, clarifying that only the original content is attributable to the creator.