Geography Map Collections


The department administers a collection of over 150 hanging wall maps which are available for use by both faculty and students campus-wide. The collection is broad, with world, continental, regional and in some cases national and state coverage. California and the Bay Area are emphasized, with many state maps and some higher resolution coverage of the local area.

The collection contains maps that portray political and physical information such as state boundaries, geomorphology, geology, climate, vegetation, etc.

Each map is currently available as a digital file that can be projected in the classroom. These files have been formatted to allow instructors to zoom and pan through the map image in real-time from a browser window. This Digitized Map Library is a good way to choose your map.


The department provides additional map resources to aid instruction that can be checked out for use in the classroom, including: globes, atlases and teaching sets of topographic maps categorized by physical (geomorphological) features.