"Black Scale" by PhD Candidates april l. graham-jackson & Robert Moeller Published in The Professional Geographer

December 5, 2022

april l. graham-jackson.  Robert Moeller

"By examining the relationality across music, sound, and Blackness, we (re)activate and engage scale as a racialized, evolving, intimately embodied, and subjective interpretation of the world as well as structural, objective descriptions of it."

In their article, "Black Scale: Constructing “Haunted” Overpasses as Relational Methodologies," published in The Professional Geographer, april l. graham-jackson and Robert Moeller, Geography PhD candidates, introduce Black scale—a theoretical, conceptual, and methodological gathering of Blackness, music, sound, and locationality—that foregrounds the interdependence of scale and racialization. This framework explores how racial capitalist de|restructuring of space and place and intersectional personhood reshapes a Black sense of place through a “Black sense of scale” and its musical and sonic modalities. Read the entire article here!