The Borders of Paradise, a new documentary by Geography undergraduate, Fraser Byers

March 21, 2024

Migrant on raft out at sea

The Borders of Paradise is an intimate dive into Ventimiglia, the final Italian town before the French border and is where 30,000 asylum seekers annually arrive in an attempt to enter the rest of Europe. Produced by Fraser Byers, Geography undergraduate, the film captures the physical and psychological experiences which characterize border violence in Western Europe. It provides a focussed snapshot through which to examine the larger issue of migration into, and across the European continent. In light of rising displacement, and increasing resentment of irregular migrants from non-European countries, the subject of this documentary is more relevant as ever.

RSVP for a film screening and Q&A panel with film producer and Geography undergraduate, Fraser Byers, and Professor Debarati Sanyal, Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative on Tuesday, April 2.