Britt H. Young interviewed for Berkeley Voices podcast

May 10, 2023

Britt H. Young

"It has been really interesting now going without a prosthesis and experiencing the world in a totally different way and seeing the sort of things that are frustrating designs. But not just frustrating designs and inaccessible designs and hostile designs in the world just for disabled people or just for people with my body geometry, but for anybody."

Britt H. Young, Geography PhD candidate, has been interviewed for the Berkeley Voices podcast. In this episode, Britt shares in her own words her experience of wearing prosthetic arms her whole life, her decision to stop wearing one during graduate school, and how our built environment is often inaccessible. Britt is currently writing a book on technology and the body as it relates to disability and prosthetics. Listen to the interview (or read the transcript) here.