Dr. Kurt Cuffey Publishes Article in Nature Revealing 11,000 Years of Temperature Changes from West Antarctic Ice Core

January 11, 2023

a chart showing the 50-yr δD averages for summer in red, mean in purple, and winter in blue

"Here, we analyse a continuous record of water-isotope ratios from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice core to reveal summer and winter temperature changes through the last 11,000 years."

After years of research, Professor Kurt Cuffey has published a study examining seasonal climate history on multimillennial year timescales and connecting it to climate forcing. The study, "Seasonal temperatures in West Antarctica during the Holocene," was published in Nature. Read the entire article here.

Photo Description: The 50-yr δD averages for summer (red, c), mean (purple, d) and winter (blue, e); horizontal line indicates Holocene mean; shaded regions are 2σ bounds for combined analytical and diffusion-correction uncertainty.