Geography Department Statement on Anti-Asian Violence and Racism

March 25, 2021

March 22, 2021

We are appalled by the spread of anti-Asian violence and racism this past year.  This week saw the killing of 6 Asian women in the Atlanta area, as part of a murderous rampage that claimed 8 lives.  Since the pandemic started, Asian Americans have increasingly been attacked and harassed with racial slurs, getting coughed and spat upon, and subjected to physical and deadly violence.  From March 2020 to February 2021, nearly 3800 incidents of racism and hate against Asian Americans have been logged, and over 700 anti-Asian hate incidents in the Bay Area alone.  We recognize the pain and emotional toll these attacks have taken on the victims’ families and the larger Asian American community.  We stand united in condemning racism, bigotry and hatred of all kinds.

UC Berkeley offers these campus resources for assistance:

Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) offers advising and programming for Asian American, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southwest Asian and North African (AA/PI/SSWANA) communities.

Counseling and Psychological Services for Asian Pacific Islander Students (CAPS) is a resource listing counselors who specialize in working with AAPI students. CAPS also hosts a weekly discussion and support space for AAPI students. Students are welcome to drop-in.

Signed by*:

  • Robert Rhew
  • You-tien Hsing
  • John Chiang
  • Sol Kim
  • Michael Watts
  • Brandi Summers
  • G. Mathias Kondolf
  • Kurt M. Cuffey
  • Laurel Larsen
  • Xiaowei Wang
  • Desiree Fields
  • Sarah White
  • April L. Graham-Jackson
  • Yi Jiao
  • Yanlei Feng
  • Eron Budi
  • Jake Kosek
  • Xander Lenc
  • Mary Jirmanus Saba
  • Gray Brechin
  • Josh Mandel
  • Morgan P. Vickers
  • Gabe Eckhouse
  • Seth Lunine
  • Jane Henderson
  • Sayd Randle
  • Evan Dowell
  • Maria Pettis
  • Ross Doll
  • Jeff Chambers
  • Sharad Chari
  • Peter Ekman
  • Dave Wahl

(*As of 3/25/21)