Geography Professor Emerita Gillian Hart Publishes Paper on Antipode Online

January 31, 2024

Professor Gillian Hart

Professor Emerita Gillian Hart's latest paper, Progeny of Empire: Defining Moments of Nation Formation in South Africa and Palestine/Israel, aims to confront and counter the equation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism by recognizing the value of—but also reaching beyond—the apartheid analogy by situating both South Africa and Palestine/Israel in a global comparative and spatio-historical frame. Using Hart's South African Jewish roots, the paper focuses on how South Africa and Palestine/Israel have been forged as nations since the 19th century as creatures of British imperialism through distinct but deeply connected histories of settler colonialism and racialized dispossession.

Read the entire paper here, which will be published later this month in a forum on Antipode Online.