Graduate students April and Bobby publish Black Geographies Library Guide

January 14, 2022

Graduate students april l. graham-jackson and Robert Moeller publish Black Geographies Library Guide

Dear Geography community,

April and I are excited to report that the Black Geographies library guide we composed last semester is finally published and live on the Berkeley Library website! Please use the link embedded above to review the guide.

Our purpose in creating this guide is to encourage geographers unfamiliar with Black Geographies to explore the relevant literature, research methods, and scholarly questions of this field. We specifically designed the guide for an undergraduate audience in order to invite new scholars to engage with the framework of Black Geographies during their coursework at Berkeley. We also intend this guide to foster discussions among affiliates of the Berkeley Black Geographies Project about the development of Black Geographies generally as well as Berkeley's position within the broader effort.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Susan Powell of the Earth Sciences and Map Library for her enthusiastic encouragement, and for providing instruction on and access to LibGuides, and to Dr. Jovan Scott Lewis for his unwavering support, encouragement, and insight. We also send our sincere thanks to Jane Henderson, Dr. Camilla Hawthorne, and Dr. Serin D. Houston for their feedback throughout the process, and to everyone gracious enough to comment on the draft of the guide we presented at last semester's Black Geographies community event.

I personally want to note the extraordinary level of initiative and care April put into this guide. I may have contributed, but April developed the concept for the guide and devoted extended attention to making sure the complexity of Black Geographies was well represented, and that the material would be accessible and inviting for all users, especially students.

We are happy to answer any questions about using the guide, especially for instruction, and look forward to your engagement with this resource. Please feel free to share the link with any colleague who may find it useful for their research or teaching!

Thank you so much, and we hope all are well and safe as we head into the new term!

All best,
Bobby and April

Black Geographies: Getting Started

Black Geographies has recently gained considerable currency across various disciplines, including geography, ecology, sociology, feminist studies, and African Diasporic studies. However, attention to the interconnections between Blackness, Black people, and geography reach far beyond our contemporary moment. Therefore, this guide is not meant to be exhaustive. Instead, it provides a snapshot into a variety of resources to inspire dialogue, craft scholarly research and creative projects, and deepen our understanding and intellectual commitments to the racialization of space, place, time, and scale, Black geographic practices and knowledge production, and African Diasporic interventions into colonial geographic theories, concepts, and methodologies within and across multiple scales and boundaries.