Nathan Sayre and Michael Watts interviewed for James C. Scott Documentary

May 3, 2023

James C. Scott film

Nathan Sayre and Michael Watts have been interviewed for the new documentary, In A Field All His Own: The Life and Career of James C. Scott, created and produced by UC Berkeley Oral History Center (OHC) historian Todd Holmes. The documentary offers an unprecedented look at the famed Yale political scientist, drawing from nearly thirty hours of oral history interviews with Scott and affiliated scholars at Yale and UC Berkeley to trace the intellectual journey of the award-winning social scientist from his childhood in New Jersey through each of the ground-breaking works he produced throughout his accomplished career. Overall, the film presents an intellectual biography of one of the world’s preeminent academics, a feature that will serve as a treasured resource for students and scholars around the globe.

Nathan Sayre discusses, among other things, his job in the Berkeley Geography department and the influence of Scott's scholarship on his work. You can catch him in the documentary at 1:20:30 and 1:23:10. Michael Watts discusses, among other things, the Berkeley Workshop on Environmental Politics. He appears in the documentary at 1:23:41 and 1:28:24.

Watch the trailer or view the entire documentary here.