Summer Nicholas, Geography junior, hired as an intern for Sustainable Oils

March 23, 2024

Summer Nicholas

Geography junior, Summer Nicholas, has been hired as an intern for a Biotech/Agtech company, Sustainable Oils (SusOils). Sustainable Oils owns genetic patents of a crop called Camelina. Camelina is used to produce renewable diesel. Between May and August, Summer will be traveling across Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, and Washington as part of a Sustainable Oils project in collaboration with the USDA. The focus will be on maintaining and ensuring the accuracy of crucial equipment, including carbon sequestration and water vapor sensors, weather stations, soil moisture probes, and aggregating & mapping data.

Camelina is a resilient and adaptable crop that offers a range of advantages, from increasing carbon sequestration and enhancing soil fertility to fostering economic growth in rural communities. With the support of a USDA grant, Sustainable Oils aims to empower farmers with factual insights into the positive impacts of Camelina cultivation.