Norman Miller

Regional climate and hydrology, climate change impacts

591 McCone Hall

Norm Miller is focused on understanding hydroclimate processes and related impacts based on modeling and analysis of regional climate and hydrology and their impacts on water supply, demand and water quality, agriculture, and impacts to other sectors of society. This includes, coupled atmosphere- land surface-groundwater modeling from the site scale to continental scale; climate variability and change analyses; water and energy resources impacts, scaling theory; nonlinear coupling, feedbacks and sensitivities with climate systems; and high performance computing.

Currently, I primarily teach the basics of the climate system, how it is changing and the risk of impacts from climate and weather extremes. Climate risk analysis and catastrophe analysis is my current research emphasis. As the lower atmosphere continues warming, intense precipitation, stronger cyclones and more severe droughts are becoming more common resulting in catastrophic loss. This research incorporates meteorological observations and climate simulations to quantify intense precipitation, flooding, storm surge, tropical cyclones, and fire weather.


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