Research Vehicle Use Requirements


The Department of Geography owns a 3⁄4 ton, 4WD, extended cab pickup equipped with a covered 8 foot bed and a large roof rack with a solid floor. This vehicle serves the department as a field class and research support vehicle. The truck seats a maximum of 5 people, with very little legroom in the back 3 seats.

The truck is available for rent exclusively for education and research purposes and should only be driven by university affiliates who have been vetted by the department and have signed this contract. As a renter of the department vehicle or a department funded rental vehicle you are taking responsibility not only for the vehicle and the safe conduct of all aboard, but for adhering to all applicable laws and department policies governing driving and the use of the vehicle.

“The Beast” best serves those who are conducting gear heavy research or who plan to carry a large load in support of a group traveling in other vehicles. It also serves those who need to tow a trailer. Consider renting a more fuel-efficient vehicle if your research or support needs do not require the use of such a large vehicle.


1)  Review, print and sign the UCB Geography Vehicle Use Agreement. Submit a copy of the sign-off sheet to staff.

2)  Provide the department with a current Motor Vehicle Report, available through the DMV: california/driving-records.php. This Document must be provided yearly in order to remain eligible to use the vehicle. If you will be a regular user, you may be asked for permission for the department to register you in an automatic DMV MVR pull program.

3)  Join staff on a check out ride to demonstrate a basic proficiency with driving a sizeable pickup truck.

4)  Prior to each use, reserve your dates and obtain a Department Vehicle Use Contract from staff. You will need to sign and collect signatures on this contract that define where the funds for the rental will be coming from and what department sponsored task the vehicle will be supporting. At this time, let us know if you intend to tow anything with the vehicle or carry items on the roof rack.