Sherine Ebadi

Ph.D. Student, Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory
B.S. Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz 2013

postcolonial theory, feminist theory, critical race theory, Black geographies, diaspora, migration & displacement, Central Asia, empire,  visual & participatory methods


I am interested in colonial residues--discourses, nationalisms, and political and geographic imaginaries--as they circulate transnationally, especially in relation to contemporary formations of empire. I am particularly interested in Central Asia as a unique space of coloniality, and how postcolonial subjectivity, social movements, and anticolonial nationalisms can be theorized with resonances and discords across the (Black) Atlantic. With a particular focus on Afghanistan and the United States, I am interested in upholding the centrality of race, gender, landscape, political economy, and spirituality to any understandings of conflict and liberation. Methodologically, my work looks critically at what constitutes an archive. I work amongst communities of diasporic artists, with political organizers (especially non-Western feminists), and draw from colonial archives to inform my work.

My research is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship.