Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Background image: mountains and ocean in Hawaii
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Troy Squillaci

The Geography Department strongly encourages all of its students to study abroad. Whether this is for the summer, one semester, or more, studying abroad provides students with opportunities for personal development, to interact with other cultures, and opportunity to develop global literacy, all while earning credit towards your degree and the Geography major/minor requirements.

Why should I study abroad?

Geography represents ideas and methodologies from all over the world. By studying abroad, you will expand your knowledge of the discipline and have an opportunity to pursue fieldworkin your areas of interest.

Where can I study abroad?

You can study abroad in any country you wish, with courses ranging from sustainable development inHong Kong and remote sensing in Berlin to hydrology in Montreal and international migration in Mexico City.

When can I study abroad?

While it is possible to go abroad atalmost any point in your academic career,we recommend that you meet with yourmajor advisor to understand yourremaining requirements and how study abroad fits into your overall academic plan.