Xiaowei R. Wang



github: https://github.com/xrwang/

website: xiaoweiwang.com

twitter: twitter.com/xrw

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiaoweirwang/

wechat: xrwang_888

My research interests include open source tools for collecting data, tracking and visualizing environmental change, new analytical methods such as applying deep learning to satellite imagery and machine learning methods in econometrics. I have a very interdisciplinary background so my interests span anywhere from edge habitats and landscape ecology to consensus algorithms in distributed systems, like Raft!

At Berkeley, I am part of the NSF Data Sciences for the 21st Century program. After graduating from Harvard in 2013, I’ve worked in data visualization and design at Situ Research to most recently working as a software engineer at Mapbox. 

Recent Writing:

dev.to "What does it mean to be a feminist coder in 2018?"


2017 Data Institute @UCSF, Fast.ai Deep Learning Course

          Diversity Fellowship Recipient

2013 Harvard Graduate School of Design

          Received the Norman T. Newton Prize for Design

2008 Harvard College

Research Interests:

Economic development, Critical GIS, Modeling + Simulation, Anticipatory Geographies, New Media, Science + Technology Studies, Econometrics, Rural economic development, feminist surveillance studies