Geography Faculty Win Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant Award

March 27, 2023

Congratulations to Professors Wilmott, Chiang, Chambers, Larsen, Rhew, Wahl, Isom, and Wanek on their winning proposal to the 2023 Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant, “Building Active Learning and Visual Computation into Geospatial Education: Reconfiguring the Cartography and Geospatial Education (CAGE) Lab.” Special shout out to Alexis Wood, who also helped craft the grant proposal.

From Oliver M. O’Reilly, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education: We received proposals that spanned a broad range of disciplines, topics, and pedagogical techniques. In this inaugural year of the grant program the submissions were enormously impressive, and the enthusiasm driving them was both palpable and inspiring. Among this impressive group, we identified seven submissions that we thought were especially notable. Congratulations on being part of this select group!