Professor Brandi Summers Chosen for the 2022 American Cultures Excellence in Teaching Award

June 1, 2022

The ‘AC Teaching Award’ is intended to recognize individual faculty members’ exemplary teaching in the American Cultures curriculum. Instructors are recognized for their inspiring and sustained commitment to creating a learning space able to hold the multiple challenges and opportunities that teaching AC content requires. Great creativity, ingenuity, and courage are required to meet this rich environment, providing inspiration and guidance for colleagues across the campus.

Professor Brandi Summers teaches GEOG 70AC, The Urban Experience: Race, Class, Gender, and the American City. In this course, students observe and analyze how the American city has been built, experienced, imagined, and transformed. Using recent scholarship and primary sources, students track the historical evolution of the city and assess change and continuity in major themes of urban life: race, gender, and difference, industry and labor, community and culture, and power and politics. These themes become increasingly intertwined throughout the course. GEOG 70AC focuses on the particularities of place and the experiences of ordinary people but also seeks to understand how broader political and economic processes shape the inequalities and opportunities that structure everyday life.

Congratulations Professor Summers, earning a very well-deserved award!