Recent PhDs

Recent PhDs

Glenna Anton

Erin Beller

“Fast Forward: Using History to Inform Multi-Benefit Ecosystem Management in Human-Dominated Landscapes” (Advisor Dr. Laurel Larsen)

Seth Denizen

“Five Soils and a Letter: profiles in the political ecology of Mexico City (Advisors Dr. Michael Watts and Dr. Jake Kosek)

Peter Ekman

American landscapes; cultural and historical geography; urban and suburban form; intellectual histories of planning and urbanism; social and geographic thought; materiality and material culture; ruins.

Meleiza Figueroa

Urban agriculture, agroecology & agroforestry, political ecology, capitalist social relations & crises, peasant studies, food politics in marginalized communities, migration, rural-urban interconnections, informal settlements, land struggles, dynamics of urbanization in the Global South, Amazônia, North & Northeast Brazil, Latin American studies, Black Atlantic & diaspora studies, production of space

Ilaria Giglioli

Borders, cities, water, colonialism, migration

Camilla Hawthorne

Diaspora, Black Europe, Science and Technology Studies

Wenwen Kong

“Westerly Jet and Seasonal Transition of the East Asian Summer Monsoon” (Advisor Dr. John Chiang)

Nicole List

Hong-Xu Ma

Jeff Vance Martin

“In the Shadow of the Wolf: Wildlife Conflict and Land Use Politics in the New West (Advisor Dr. Nathan Sayre)

Brittany Meché

“Securing the Sahel: Nature, Catastrophe, and the Empire of Expertise” (Advisor Dr. Michael Watts)

Gustavo De L.T. Oliveira

Brazil, China, global agroindustrial restructuring, geopolitics, political ecology

Lance R. Owen

Urban Geography, Metropolitan Development, Suburban History, Architecture, Urban Culture

Meredith A. Palmer

“Land, Family, Body: Measurement and the Racial Politics of US Colonialism in Haudenosaunee Country” (Advisor: Dr. Jake Kosek)

Will Payne

“Algorithmic Gentrification: Locating Value in Urban Information Systems (Advisors: Dr. Michael Watts and Dr. David O’Sullivan)

Jesse Rodenbiker

"Ecological States: Science, Nature and Cities in China" (Advisor Dr. You-tien Hsing)

Erin Torkelson

“Taken for Granted: Geographies of Social Grants in South Africa” (Advisor: Dr. Gillian Hart)

Alessandro Tiberio

Shu-Wei Tsai

“Heritage Modernity: The Preservation of the Grand Canal and Everyday Life in Hangzhou, China” (Advisor: Dr. You-Tien Hsing)

Mollie Van Gordon


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