Mia Albano, Geography Senior, Wins The Stronach Baccalaureate Prize

April 17, 2023

Mia Albano

Congrats to Mia Albano, Geography Senior, on being chosen for the Stronach Baccalaureate Prize! Mia's research project, "They Only Remember Us at the End of the Month:” Experiences of Former Overseas Filipino Workers on Scales ...

Geography senior, Noelani Fixler, wins WTS International Molitoris Leadership Scholarship

April 3, 2023

Noelani Fixler

Geography senior, Noelani Fixler, has been awarded the WTS Molitoris Leadership Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to motivate and reward women who demonstrate leadership in the transportation industry, ensuring that the essential...

Tohar Zamir, Geography Undergraduate, Selected as Haas Scholar

April 10, 2023

Tohar Zamir

Each year, twenty highly qualified, academically talented undergraduates are chosen for the Haas Scholars program. Participants receive close mentoring from members of the UC-Berkeley faculty, seminars and workshops to assist them in the research and writing process, the opportunity to present their work at a professional...

Geography Senior, Jack Moorehead, chosen for Cartography internship with Avalon Travel

April 6, 2023

Jack Moorehead

Congrats to Jack Moorehead on his upcoming Cartography internship with Avalon Travel! An imprint of Perseus Books and Hachette Book Group, they are publishers of independent travel guidebooks such as Rick Steves and Moon Travel. During his internship, Jack will be assisting the...

Jennifer Greenburg, PhD Alum, Publishes New Book - At War with Women

"At War with Women reveals how post-9/11 politics of gender and development have transformed US military power. [...] Based on ethnographic fieldwork observing military trainings, this book challenges liberal feminist narratives that justified the Afghanistan War in the name of women's rights and celebrated women's integration into combat as a victory for gender equality."

Congrats to Geography Phd Alum,...

Black Geographies Graduate Student Conference, March 17-18, 2023

January 13, 2023

The Black Geographies Graduate Student Conference promotes critical dialogue on the racial, ecological, sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and sociospatial processes that constitute the materialities of Black life and its everyday contours. The BGGSC foregrounds the geographical practices, knowledge, and interventions of African Diasporic communities while challenging, reorienting, and refuting racialized colonial conceptions of space, place, time, scale, diffusion, and landscapes. This collective gathering is designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduates to collaborate and...

Christopher Lesser, PhD Alum and Current Visiting Scholar, Publishes Article for American Anthropologist

January 12, 2023

Christopher Lesser

"Located on a former plantation in the Paraíba Valley of Rio de Janeiro, a region central to state and market formation, and to Atlantic slavery in the nineteenth century, this “forest” contains ecological histories different from those encoded in environmental law. Rather than a legislative failure, this incongruence constitutes an important structural feature of the juridical authority that marginalizes...

Three Geography Undergraduate Students Accepted for GENIUS at Penn State

December 21, 2022

Mia Albano Jazmin Hernandez. Angela McMahon

I'm excited to announce that three of our Geography undergraduate students, Mia Albano, Jazmin Hernandez, and Angela...

Gray Brechin and Richard Walker Featured on PBS Newshour

November 14, 2022

Gray Brechin Richard Walker

"Our job in The Living New Deal is to educate Americans what the New Deal did, not just as a historical nicety, but because it's relevant today." - Richard Walker

Emeritus Geography professor,...